The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Elias Diaz 2016 Immaculate Collection Patch /5

I guess this is one way to get around licensing issues. Chasing high end patches is not really my thing, but this one kind of fell into my lap.  

Elias Diaz found his way into several Panini sets this year as his prospect status gained some steam in 2015.  By the time spring training ended Diaz was hurt and a few months later the Pirates would sign Francisco Cervelli long term.  It is hard to tell what the long term outlook for Diaz is.  His claim to fame is his excellent defense so that should be enough to get him a backup job.  If the bat plays he could be a possible trade chip. The main thing is he is going to have to show he is healthy. 

The card was listed by an international seller so that likely scared away many bidders.  He had good feedback so I wasn't worried about receiving the card.  The main issue is always how the seller protects this card.  Thankfully everything was perfect. If I recall the final selling price with shipping was around $11.  Good deal considering the quality of the patch.  

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I like those logo/laundry tag/button cards. I'll never own one, but they are cool.

    1. I only own a few and it is mainly of minor leaguers and WVU guys that failed in the NFL.