The Legend

The Legend

Monday, October 3, 2016

My Scanner is on Fire (War with JBF)

I finally carved out some time to scan the rest of the massive haul from my arch nemesis JBF. As is tradition, JBF likes to troll me and come up with creative ways to bomb my mailbox. I will give credit where credit is due, the notes were a nice touch.

 I do agree with old being dangerous.  I have a very elderly neighbor that drives his card like a freaking madman.  If you are visiting me and see an old Buick coming down my street, take cover.

 Clemente is always an attention grabber.

 Nice slide by Mr. Atwell.
 I love this card!
 Stargell doesn't look that much younger.....looks like his high school days.
 A new old card.....An old new card.  Buybacks are confusing.

 Anytime I see a 1970's era hockey card I always think of the movie Slapshot.
 Acid trip card.
 Javier Bardem had the same haircut in No Country for Old Men
 I'm sure Val Fonteyne was tough as shit, but he looks like my elementary school gym teacher.

 This was my favorite of the bunch.  I'm always enamored with old hockey cards when I receive them in trades.

 I think my mailbox about gave in with the weight of this last bombing.

 The Leaf cards are numbered. Lambert was a scary dude.

 The bumble bee uniforms are not my favorites......   I remember Brian St. Pierre when he was a quarterback for Boston College.  That program went to hell when they left the Big East.
 Kordell was all the rage when he came into the league.  His cards were so hard to get.

 An early certified auto of Yancy Thigpen!
 The scan didn't come out well on this.  This is a super thick parallel of Antonio Brown.

 I think we can all agree that variety is the spice of life.

 I didn't buy any Bunt, but I liked the idea of another bargain set. Opening Day has gotten pretty boring over the last few years so at least Bunt has its own look.
 It is hard to see, but I laughed when I saw the redemption.  It is of former WVU running back Quincy Wilson and expired in 2004.  That was my senior year of college!

 Power Surge Greg Lloyd for the win out of this bunch.

 The other McCutchen.
If it was for the name plate taking up so much room this set would be even more awesome.
 The Carlos Silva is much more subtle with the nameplate.
 I always get excited to receive base cards from the high end sets.  They are not easy to find.  Extra bonus as this is a Polanco rookie card.
 I don't think Tikes future was all that bright.

 Emotion cards always made me laugh.  They were so different.

 So high end parallels.  Love the Maz and Cutch!
 More parallel madness.
These were some of my favorite cards of the random grouping JBF sent.  Sean Casey doesn't have much in the way of Bucco cards so I always enjoy seeing those come in trades. The Circa Tony Womack is among the craziest cards ever. It is hard to tell the back from the front of the card. 

 The Burnitz Ginter card is awesome.
 I got pretty excited when I saw the Van Slyke.  He is an all time favorite of mine.
Diaz was likely going to be the Pirate catcher of the future, but injuries keeps holding him back.  So much so that the Pirates signed Cervelli long term. He still looks to be part of the equation, but more as a backup now.

Holy crap Wes you really went overboard.  Can you see the smoke from my scanner in Hazel Green.  I know you have more tricks up your sleeve so I'm going to regroup and figure out a plan of attack. Thanks again, you maniac.


  1. Oh yes. Many more sleeves. Many more tricks. I cant tell you how excited i was to find the expired Wilson

    1. That one made me laugh. You know me all to well.

  2. Poor Matt. In a good way, but poor Matt.

  3. Wow...JBF is droppin bombs! That's a lot of awesome right there. Give your scanner (and your mailman) a rest already! ;)

    1. Every war has its innocent victims. This one is my poor mail lady.

  4. Love it! Some great cards in there. Those '95 Emotion are a personal fave.

    1. I love that Circa Womack. One of the wildest cards ever.

  5. So I went to the fashion shoes Google + page and reported it as a Spam account, I doubt it will do anything, but I am getting tired of deleting the comments.

    Awesome stuff! The vintage hockey is really cool.

    1. Yeah the hockey was a nice surprise.

      How dare you report fashion shoes. She is just trying to make a living.

  6. Wow. That Fonteyne Penguins card has to be an OPee Chee

    1. Between you and Wes I have a very respectable vintage hockey collection.

  7. I hope Wes sends you a new scanner in his next Jay Barker Bombing ;)

    1. It will be just a scanner box full of cards. He is tricky like that.