The Legend

The Legend

Monday, February 27, 2017

Confusing Cards

A couple weeks back I talked about a Leaf Sportscasters Clemente card that Card Papoy sent me. The card is extremely cool, but made no sense when trying to understand the numbering. Well this was a common occurrence for Donruss/Leaf in the mid 2000's. They had four such sets that had crazy numbering 2004 Leaf Exhibits, 2005 Leaf Sportscasters, 2005 Studio Portraits and 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Polo Grounds.

After sorting through some cards yesterday I found some Polo Grounds weirdness.  Check these out.

Pretty Confusing right!

The insert set has 100 cards and 45 parallels!  The numbering is determined by the two phrases in each corner. This is cut and pasted from

  • HIT Long Fly (serial-numbered to 85)
  • BALL Long Fly (serial-numbered to 75)
  • HIT Long Fly (serial-numbered to 75)
  • STRIKE Long 3 (serial-numbered to 75)
  • STRIKE Long Fly (serial-numbered to 70)
  • BALL Long Fly (serial-numbered to 65)
  • HIT Long 3 (serial-numbered to 65)
  • HIT Long Fly (serial-numbered to 65)
  • STRIKE Grounder (serial-numbered to 65)
  • STRIKE Short 3 (serial-numbered to 65)
  • STRIKE Long Fly (serial-numbered to 60)
  • BALL Long 3 (serial-numbered to 55)
  • BALL Long Fly (serial-numbered to 55)
  • HIT Grounder (serial-numbered to 55)
  • HIT Short 3 (serial-numbered to 55)
  • HIT Short Fly (serial-numbered to 55)
  • STRIKE Foul (serial-numbered to 55)
  • STRIKE Long 2 (serial-numbered to 55)
  • STRIKE Long Fly (serial-numbered to 50)
  • BALL Grounder (serial-numbered to 45)
  • BALL Short 3 (serial-numbered to 45)
  • BALL Short Fly (serial-numbered to 45)
  • HIT Foul (serial-numbered to 45)
  • HIT Long 2 (serial-numbered to 45)
  • HIT Short Fly (serial-numbered to 45)
  • STRIKE Bunt (serial-numbered to 45)
  • STRIKE Short 2 (serial-numbered to 45)
  • STRIKE Short Fly (serial-numbered to 40)
  • BALL Foul (serial-numbered to 35)
  • BALL Long 2 (serial-numbered to 35)
  • BALL Short Fly (serial-numbered to 35)
  • HIT Bunt (serial-numbered to 35)
  • HIT Short 2 (serial-numbered to 35)
  • HIT Short Fly (serial-numbered to 35)
  • STRIKE Long 1 (serial-numbered to 35)
  • STRIKE Short Fly (serial-numbered to 30)
  • BALL Bunt (serial-numbered to 25)
  • BALL Short 2 (serial-numbered to 25)
  • BALL Short Fly (serial-numbered to 25)
  • HIT Long 1 (serial-numbered to 25)
  • STRIKE Short 1 (serial-numbered to 25)
  • STRIKE Short Fly (serial-numbered to 20)
  • BALL Long 1 (serial-numbered to 15)
  • HIT Short 1 (serial-numbered to 15)
  • BALL Short 1 (serial-numbered to 5)

Pretty freaking confusing. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. That's a lot of parallels. Topps-tastic, in fact. Glad that you sorted this out (at least I think you sorted this out).

  2. I have examples of the other three, but don't have any of these in my collection. I think I'm ok with that.

    1. They are usually super cheap so it made for fun blogging material. I actually opened up a good bit of Throwback Threads too so I'm really familiar with these.

  3. that's just plain nuts! i liked those cards...LIKED!

    1. You can still like them and not understand them. I'm sure you can find a few that fit your collection.

  4. I remember these and being confused by them too. Same with sets like 2004 Leaf Exhibits.

    1. Basically these just let you know how silly parallels can be.

  5. Oof. There was a Topps set like that a few years ago.

    1. Did Tino Martinez have any of these crazy cards?

  6. Love they didn't even bother to change the shot or color

  7. That's funny, I did a post today about the extensive amount of parallels that make up the 2004 Leaf Exhibits insert set. It is an intense amount of parallels and while I would love to go down that trail it is just too much for me currently to attempt it.

    1. I applaud anyone who would even think about trying to get all of these for a single player.

  8. I just came from The Lost Collector's blog which stated that a Topps Now card from last year was selling for $80 to $100. Now this? My head is starting to hurt.

    1. A handfull of those Now cards sell for big bucks. As a Pirate fan I'm painfully aware of this because card #1 was Francisco Liriano.