The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Afternoon Beer

The Pirates are off today and I've been too busy to catch up on some scanning.  Let's have some beer. 

I did not have any Sam Jackson.....

These beers were consumed over the last two/three months mainly with my beer tasting group. 

Stone Xocoveza is a milk stout brewed with coffee and spices and has been one of my favorite winter releases since they started distributing a few years back.  The "Extra Anejo" version is taking the base beer and aging it in Bordeaux and tequilla barrels.  This was a pretty wild beer with lots of flavors coming at you from different directions.  The tequilla taste is noticeable, but it is mellowed by the sweetness.  Overall I liked the beer, but found the base beer to be a little more enjoyable.  

 This wasn't a Troegs beer, I just happened to use my Troegs glass.

The beer in the glass is actually General Braddock's ipa from Brew Gentlemen Brewery out of Braddock PA. My brother was nice enough to bring me back some growlers to share with some of my friends tomorrow, but gave a little taste out of a growler he opened when he got home. It was easily one of the best ipa's I have ever had.  As you can see the beer is super hazy and had a subtle tropical flavor.

 Courtesy of my pal Rob in New Jersey.  Stouts are always my preferred style and this was a very good example of how good a non imperial stout can taste. Carton Brewing makes damn good beer.

 Another beer courtesy of my pal Rob that blew me away.  If you are a beer nerd Hill Farmstead is one of the more desirable breweries in the US. Earl was a coffee oatmeal stout that overwhelmed all of us with flavor without being a huge alcohol bomb.

Magnify is another hyped brewery out of New Jersey.  Big thanks to my pal Keith who shared these with me. My favorite of the bunch was the Double Dry Hopped Rock Me Dr. Saic.

 Fellow blogger and beer lover Oscar (All Trade Bait All the Time) hooked me up with another huge can from his local brewery called Progress Brewing.  The beer was a double ipa called Ernesto that came in at a hefty 9.3%.  Oscar told me that it hid the alcohol well, and boy was he right.  The damn thing drank like a session ipa.  DANGEROUS.

This was a picture I shared when I went to the Pens playoff game last month.  Fat Heads brewery has long been a personal favorite that I get to partake in quite a bit since they have a satellite bar in Pittsburgh.  The beer pictured is a hefeweizen called Goggle Fogger.  Very refreshing.

 Surly is a well known Twin Cities brewery that was sent to be by fellow blogger GCRL.  Bender was a perfect example of a brown ale. Very sweet and malty.

 Last but not least is a small sampling of beers sent to me by Peter from Baseball Every Night. Peter lives in the Boston area which is in close proximity to so many great breweries.  One such brewery is Trillium.  Peter has sent me quite a few of these bad boys and I've loved every single one.  They are known for super hazy/juice bomb ipas.  They are soooooooooo good.

If you ever are interested in trading beer drop me a line.



  1. Beer, yummy beer. Never had a bad Stone beer, some day I will get a little Surly-if I can only stop procrastinating I will sooner or later drop some cans to ya in the mail

    1. I'm always up for California beers. You pretty much live in the best state for beer.

  2. I've actually had Stone Xocoveza... I'm a big coffee and milk stout fan, but I can't drink them during the hot summer months. I stick with the lighter fruit beers during the summer.

    I might be up for a beer trade some time down the road.

    1. Just let me know when you want to trade. I would love some Chicago area beers. Loved Revolution when I visited a couple years back.

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