The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back to Back to Back

Here is a card that is right in my wheelhouse.  Two guys that haven't received much cardboard love lately in David Freese and Jordy Mercer and obscure rookie Jose Osuna all on the same card! If only John Jaso could have somehow got on the card it would have been perfect!

I'm glad the Pirate NOW pace has slowed down some.  They had a week in which 3 cards were produced which is a little pricey.  Since I'm hopelessly addicted to adding these cards I'm glad they are back to their middle of the road production pace like last year!

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  1. I'm constantly hoping that one of the Cubs who wouldn't otherwise get attention from Topps, or even Panini, does something NOW worthy. It might be my only chance to nab a Cubs card of them!

    1. The good thing is that most of your rookie will probably get one when they debut because of how high profile the Cubs are right now.

  2. Like it! The Tigers also have a card like that from this year... Cabreara, V-Mart, J. D. Martinez...I think.