The Legend

The Legend

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fantastic Catch = Fantastic Cutch

I recently completed my first trade with Weston from Fantastic Catch. Weston approached me saying he had some extra Pirates and the rest was history. I sent him some Cardinals and a short time later I had a bubble mailer full of goodness.
 As you will notice Weston didn't mess around. He sent a slew of Cutch cards my way.

 The orange Chrome is a sharp looking card. Also a nice mix of rookies on the top left.

Weston even threw in the other McCutchen. Daniel had a short stint as a Pirates reliever. This is his rookie Topps Chrome auto.

Card scanned poorly but this is a sweet Bowman reprint.

 As most of you know I have a soft spot for Jason Bay so I really dig the Ovation card.

The thought crossed my mind to try and complete the mascot auto set out of Opening Day this past year. Prices were just a little too high for my blood.  Damn you Wally. I did finish the insert set.

Great shot of Michael McKenry making a play. One of my favorite cards from that year. 

Thanks for all the great cards Weston. Let me know when you want to swap again.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards as much as you did! I'll let you know when I've reloaded on some Pirates.

    1. Sounds good man. I'll need to get some more Cards!