The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nacho Group Break

Recently Chris from Nachos Grande hosted a group break featuring some Stadium Club and High Tek as the main event. After cleaning up in Chris's earlier break of TSC I figured I would give it a whirl again. I was especially interested in High Tek and was hoping that luck would be on my side once again.

Unfortunately the group break gods felt I did too well in the earlier break so they evened the score and shut me out of anything major. This is the chance you take. While this normally would mean I would just walk away with some base, Chris upped the ante with this break.  He guaranteed that everybody would walk away with a hit and a significant pile of cards from your chosen team.  It was impossible to lose with this break!

Here is a sample of what Chris sent. The overall package was overwhelming. It had 6 team bags full of Pirates. You are more than generous my friend.

My guaranteed hit was an Ian Snell relic that I actually didn't have. So this was pretty cool.

At one point it looked like Snell was going to be a quality pitcher, but command and maturity brought his career to an end early.
 A nice Bay from a very high end set. Bay is one of my favorites so this was a nice addition.
 My best hit in the break was the gold parallel of McCutchen. A great card!
 Some more TSC Pirates.
 Chris also busted some Triple Play. He pulled me two Cutch cards!
 My birth year set. 82 Topps. The Tekulve is my favorite.
 A nice mix of Pirate Hall of Famers.

Now for the main event!!!!!!

More Walk than most can handle. 

Thanks for all the great cards Chris. I'm very excited about the 2015 Series 1 jumbo break. I know hosting breaks can be a lot of work, so I really appreciate all the time you put in.  

Thanks for reading.