The Legend

The Legend

Monday, January 5, 2015

Trade: Night Owl Cards

Today I received a nice mailer full of cards from the Night Owl. Greg becomes my first trade of 2015! This is a nice mix of both old and new.

This 58 Rand was my favorite of the bunch. He is the epitome of an obscure player only having played 72 career games.
I wasn't too familiar with Eddie Solomon so I looked him up.  He saw action in part of 10 season in which his best was probably with the Pirates 1981, He tragically passed away in a car accident in 1986.
Jim McDaniel never made it out of the minors in his 14 years of being a professional. You have to admire that dedication. He is like Crash Davis minus the 21 best days of his life.

Dick Groat played both basketball and baseball. He was the first person to be elected to both the college basketball and college baseball hall of fames.
 Some current Buccos including a personal favorite in Starling Marte.
Some former Buccos. Grilli just signed with the Braves and Pirates traded Justin Wilson to the Yankees for Francisco Cervelli.

Today someone sent me a quiz to name every player to play shortstop for the Buccos since 2005. Let's just say I didn't remember Pedro Ciriaco. 

Thanks for all the great cards Greg. The vintage cards were a nice surprise! That is one aspect of my collection that has grown leaps and bounds since I started my blog. 

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I'm going to pick my wallet card.


  1. ...And how about Solomon rocking those gold-stripe nikes to match his uni !

  2. Happy to help build that vintage! And looking forward to the wallet card.