The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Dutch Card Guy

Jeroen aka The Dutch Card Guy surprised me with a nice package in the mail this week. Jeroen and I have swapped a few times since I started blogging, but have been on a short hiatus as I think we unloaded all the hits that fit each others collection last time around.

A nice bunch of this years Finest. If this would have come down a few more $'s I would have loved to open a box. The set has a cool 90s feel to it. The McCutchen is a refractor!
The CoSigners set was a bright spot in terms of Pirate cards back in the day. It featured a ton of autos of guys who didn't have much product on there. This Gorzelanny is a parallel /400.

If you get a photo of a backswing you can hide some licensing flaws. I'm hoping to have a good update on my quest for the Series 1 auto set that I'm going after. Made big progress this week. 

Some miscellaneous Pirate goodness!

Thanks for the nice surprise Jeroen. Here soon I will hit you up with another package.

Thanks for reading!