The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Custom Breakdown

Let the good times roll on with the Christmas cards. This time around it was of the custom variety with our resident creative guru blogger Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. Gavin and I have had a very good year with trades and winning contests from each other. While we didn't ship a ton of packages we made sure they packed a huge punch.

 I was happy to see one of Gavin's new Cardsphere Heroes get shipped my way. Cutch is a pretty popular guy on the blogosphere and he plays a vital role in my Pirates collection. I'm always jealous of the creativity of guys like Gavin. Thankfully he shares that creativity with the rest of us so we can enjoy it!
Gavin was nice enough to ship some of the Pirates from his recent breaks. Sets like Pro Debut offer a nice option for those who like collection prospects or dig the minor league uniforms.
 Gold label is awesome! I've made some additions recently from this set that I'll be showing once I make it through all the awesome packages from other bloggers. With the help from Gavin I shouldn't need much more.

Unhittable! Getting Walk cards always makes me smile. Plus Gavin gets bonus points for sending that custom Walk during the World Series contest.  That is displayed prominently in my office!

Thanks for the custom Cutch Gavin. You should be getting a package from me sometime this week. Hopefully the mail isn't too slow. Here's to a bunch of fun trades next year.

Thanks for reading!