The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Korea By Way of P-town

Tom is a constant help with my Pirates collection.  About once a month I receive an envelope of various sizes full of good stuff. This particular envelope was small in size, but packed a punch. Overall this probably marks our 10,000th trade. Actually I'm not sure how many this makes, but we like to trade!

 Of all the current Pirates, Jung Ho is by far the least represented in my collection. His first few cards were through the roof on eBay more because of the novelty of him being the first position player from the KBL to transition to the MLB. To a lot of peoples surprise Jung Ho turned out to be a good player and his cards went up even more.

Do they call these something other than purple refractors.  How about Purple Nurple parallels? Whatever they are called they are very shiny and quite appealing.
Pirate cards still hold up pretty well without the license.  I guess the Pirates aren't too worried about his recovery from a torn MCL and a broken tibia thanks to freaking Chris Coghlan. They felt confident enough to trade Neil Walker and word is Kang should be ready at some point in April

I'm not bitter....


Baseball is weird.  They stop collisions at home plate but you can destroy a guy to break up a double play. In all seriousness I actually got tired of hearing the Pittsburgh media bitch and moan about this play.  One thing I was happy about was that the Pirates didn't hit someone during this game.  That could have gotten really nasty.
Jordy had lost most of his playing time when the Pirates were firing on all cylinders last year as his bat took a big step back last year. He played pretty well after Kang's injury.  At least for the start of the upcoming season he will be slotted back in shortstop and Kang will play third when healthy. Of all the starters, I'm guessing Jordy will have shortest leash.

Quite a bit of speculation when Bell might be available to help out this year. The Pirates weakest position is by far first base, but Bell barely has any AAA at bats.

Thanks Tom for the great cards, especially the Kang's. I'm slowly accumulating some of his stuff now. His autos finally dipped in price some as he was featured in just about every set from June on. Maybe I'll buy one for myself for Christmas.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice gets! Kang is one of my favorite non-Cub, so here's hoping he can return to form!

    1. Originally the word was he was going to be back mid to late May. Rumor now is sometime in April.

      He turned into a fan favorite really quick.

    2. I like Kang a bunch, too. Freakin' Chris Coghlan is right. Kang cards are pretty easy to find here at shows as most dealers have them out on their table because he is one of the hotter names. Those midwestern prices sure are right!

    3. Let me know if you find any good deals on autos or parallels. I'll happily paypal you some money.

      Thanks again for the cards.

  2. Buster Posey, Chris Coghlan, Chase Utley. I blame them. For everything.

    I think yall get Loney to ease in Bell

  3. We could probably use a left handed bat. I just don't know if they will commit to someone as established as Loney if they think Bell will be ready at somepoint during the first half of the season.