The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, December 19, 2015

White Christmas

I've been working hard the past couple of nights to finalize some mailings to make sure they arrive for Christmas.

Pretty much all my regular trade partners and contest winners should expect something.  I was still a few cards short for Brad, Mark Hoyle and AJ. Yours will probably be coming in early January. Please contact me if you want to start swapping!

It felt good to get those out in the mail because I had been receiving quite a few envelopes the past couple of weeks and wanted to make sure I returned the favor. One such package I received recently was from Angus of Dawg Day Cards. Angus peppered the blogosphere with xmas cards full of cardboard goodness. Blogger xmas cards are the best!

 It is cool to see the Jets having a good season, but I wish Geno was the one leading the way. I'm guessing this will be his last year in Jets green.
 Sidney Crosby has been very quiet for the Pens this year, so Malkin has had to try and put more on his shoulders. Love receiving Pens cards!

 Some old Pen stickers. Schock and Bianchin have some glorious sideburns. Any time I see cards from this era it makes me think of the movie Slap Shot.

White Christmas!
 I loved Diamond Kings baseball so naturally Gridiron Kings would be top notch.
 Here is Kevin in his college garb. Looks like that was the Oklahoma State game from last season.
 Some diecut goodness from Prizm. Cool looking card.
 White Christmas ends with the base rookie from Prizm. It was ashame that Kevin got hurt this season. I'm sure the Bears are expecting big things. I felt he had the best chance of any of the recent Mountaineers drafted to make a huge impact.
 Jumbo Pena! Obviously Pena's time in Pittsburgh is remembered more for the time he was traded for Andy Van Slyke, but he was a very good player in his own right.
A very festive shot of the Library of Parliament.

Thanks for the holiday cheer Angus. I'm still accumulating some cards for you, but rest assured I will hit you back with some cool stuff.

Thanks for reading!


  1. It was a damn shame that White got injured, the Bears receiving corps could have really used his presence. Alshon Jeffrey and Eddie Royal have been hurt a lot and the guys they've trotted out in their place are like they pulled people out of the stands. Here's hoping he comes back with a vengeance next season.

    1. I echo everything T-Burbs has already typed. Man, Prizm cards look sweet when they have logos on them.

    2. Yeah, I'm kind of glad they just shut him down. Might as well just make sure you are 100% healthy. They have a lot invested in him.