The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, April 21, 2016

More my Speed

I love cards.  We wouldn't be talking about them if we didn't love collecting.  Some cards just make me happier than others.  Such is the case with these two beauties.

 2002 Donruss Elite Brian Giles /76

2000 Pacific Paramount Holo Silver /99

The Status cards from Donruss Elite are always sharp looking, but also impossible to keep in good condition. The middles points almost always chip over time.  

Trying to understand Pacific cards is one of the great mysteries of man.  It is better just to except how awesome they are. This Jason Kendall is my favorite of the two because it is getting harder and harder for me to find new Kendall's. Brian Giles had quite a bit more in the way of relics and autos to chase. 

By the time you are reading this my San Diego trip will be almost over. I'm flying back in the morning, but should have some great pictures to show once I'm home.  

Thanks for reading. 


  1. I'm 100% on board with these. Elite turned out some fantastic designs, especially the die-cut parallels, and I have an unexplainable love of numbered Pacific cards as well!

    1. Yeah, I think they just bring me back to the days when I spent every cent on cards. Pacific was always affordable so I had a lot in my collection.