The Legend

The Legend

Monday, August 8, 2016

Custom Contest Winnings

Recently Gavin of Baseball Card  Breakdown held an 800th post contest extravaganza.  Contests are always fun, but Gavin sweetened the pot more than usual by offering to throw in complete sets of his custom cards. Count me in! 

Well since I'm writing this post you can probably guess things worked out in my favor.  

Gavin and I have good contest chemistry.  He has won a few of mine over the last couple of years and now I'm winning his.  

 Custom Clemente mini!!!!!  Very cool.
Sweet Spot was a great set, but the base set autos are having trouble standing the test of time.  If you didn't protect your card from the elements the autos have likely faded away from the sweet spot of the ball.  With that being said the parallels which featured autos on bats and gloves look fantastic.  This is one of the better autos I've seen.  The card really pops.
 Leaf Certified is one of the hardest sets to remember if you have cards from. I think Bowman must have gotten inspiration from this set.  I personally loved this set as it featured many Buccos that didn't get love from the card companies like Jose Castillo.
 BWTP favorite Jason Bay! This is /50.

 Steve Pearce's tenure with the Buccos was riddled with injuries. He was given multiple chances to take the first base job, but just couldn't stay on the field.  Thankfully he stuck with it and is finding success in his early 30's.  Always cool to see things workout for guys like this.

 A nice  Bowman Chrome auto to add to the collection.

 Bowman sterling was kind of an odd set with the small player pictures. The auto is definitely front and center in this set.

Gavin must have hit Bowman Bucco jackpot at some point.  Check this out....

 Lot's of nice rookie parallels. I really like the Connor Joe green parallel.

 Gavin's Bowman generosity didn't stop with regular cards.....How about minis!

 He even found a current Bucco.

Thanks for all the great cards Gavin.  Now it is time for the main event.  Customs!!!!!!

 Most of you have probably seen these, or even received them over the course of the past year. The Robin Yount is so cool.

On the back of each card it gives a bio of the player and mentions which bloggers collect that particular player.

 The Kid is looking ripped in this photo.

 Of course I wanted to make special note of this one.

 The set Gavin gave me was a special 1/1 contest winning set.  Complete with engraved star.

That was only the first round.....
 Some young stars of our game. I feel bad for Mike Trout. The Angels are sooooo bad and he soooo incredibly good.  Once again he'll likely be the most deserving of the MVP award, but lose to someone who plays on a good team.
 Like Gavin, I'm a huge fan of Giancarlo Stanton.  Did you see the homer he hit Colorado the other night.  500+ feet!
Have to end with a bang.  I love this card! 

Thanks so much Gavin.  I'm jealous of your custom talent. Thanks so much for sharing all these great cards. Needless to say I was very pumped when I won this contest.  

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Congrats again on the contest win, and glad you're happy with your prize!

  2. I've seen Gavin's customs all around the blogs... what a generous dude.
    It's to the point now where I think his Hostess customs are an actual mainstream set. LOL

  3. I didn't know that I got a mention on the back of the Cutch card. That's pretty cool.

    1. That you did! You do have the best Cutch collection so you deserve documented credit.

    2. Well I am in envy with your sexta auto booklet. I need that for my collection badly.

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