The Legend

The Legend

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Little Things

Today the stars aligned and my wife and I were able to go out for a nice dinner and actually talk like adults.  It was something that we took for granted as newlyweds, but now it is the ultimate luxury.  It had been a while since we had both sat and talked about our jobs and shared stories without having to be on the lookout of our daughter. Thank God for grandparents!

Speaking of luxuries, I have had the pleasure to trade with vintage master Mark Hoyle on numerous occasions. This marks the 17th time I've received a package from him. Check these beauties out!

 Cutch is having a bad year which makes me really sad. The Pirates have tried just about everything to get him going, but nothing has worked. Things have gotten so bad that the Pirates sat him the entire series against the Braves.  Hopefully he can right the ship this weekend.

Ivy card! this is one of the better Cutch cards in recent memories. The Wrigley Field backdrop makes for great cardboard.

 2007 Topps was different......2007 was also a very bad year for the Pirates.
 This is how I always picture Josh Harrison.  Even though he is struggling this year he continues to keep this same demeanor.
Obviously you all know what card is best. Aroldis Chapman be damned! The greatest fastball in history belonged to Bob Walk!

Thanks for all the great cards Mark!


  1. The McCutchen card is beautiful. Congrats on having a night out with Mrs. BWTP!

  2. Replies
    1. Ha. About the only thing good about ESPN these days are the commercials.

  3. Even the best have a down year. McCutchen will be fine next year.

    1. I'm hoping he'll do what Cano did last year. It was a down year for him but he had a really nice August and September and has been great this year.

  4. Man that Cutch card is awesome!