The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

For the Kids

2002 SP Authentic National Sports Collectors Convention Kids Brian Giles 1/1

I would classify this card as an impulse buy, but at $8 I thought it was unique enough to go ahead and grab. The seller that had this card was liquidating several high end Brian Giles cards. While many were from his Padres days I did snag one Pirate era card besides this one. 

These convention 1/1's were made to raise money which would allow free admission to kids to enter the National Collector Convention.  I don't recall ever seeing the baseball versions. Topps created the football versions and plenty of those are on eBay.


  1. Nice card Matthew. Hopefully you will receive more good cards in the near future.

    1. My poor mail lady is going to hate me.

  2. jaybarkerfan issuing a veiled threat!

  3. Such the sweete comment for an obvious destruction being planned.