The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Draw Your Own Walk

Some of my normal trading buddies know how to make me laugh. 

This work of art is from GCRL.  Jim and I have been trading back and forth for quite sometime and he always has a knack for finding something unique.....or creating
Nice Wrigley cameo.  While I'll always prefer Pirate Walk cards, his coolness supersedes any team affiliation.

Jack Wilson was probably second to Jason Bay in terms of personal favorites during the mid to late 2000's.  

Eat your heart out JBF.
Jim is helping me continue my over indulgence of Glasnow autos.  I really do have a problem.  I feel like I'm adding at least one a week.
I feel that maybe Jim is dealing from his own collection since Cey is on the card.  The coolness factor is off the charts here.

That's a nice stripe running through the Wilson patch.  It always kind of boggled my mind how Leaf numbered their cards.  Two identical jerseys could be numbered to /50 and /250.  Fortunately I'm a team collector so I don't have to think too hard about which parallels are which.
Jim knows me all too well.  I love Bay and whenever I can add a cool card it is a great day.  Very nice looking patch from SPX.
Excited to get some Gypsy Queen in a trade!
Jung Ho Kang just got his work visa.  I don't know if he will ever get back to the level he was when he got in trouble.  Hopefully he has his drinking in check and can get his shit together.

Some more "newer" cards.  Nice mix of some of my favorite sets.
My buddies and I often talk about Kip Wells.  He was the master of throwing a great game right when you think he was going to get pulled from the rotation.  So we often use the comparison with current struggling Pirate pitchers.
The Frankie Frisch is perfect.
I've said it a few times, but I want all kinds of crazy seasonal Topps cards.  Might as well throw some fireworks, hearts and Easter Bunnies to fill out the season.  I actually think one of the Bowman parallels has a turkey on it already so we are covered for Thanksgiving.

This was a fun mix of players.  I was really rooting for Daniel Hudson, but he just couldn't get it together in Pittsburgh.  The guy had two Tommy John surgeries so the fact he is still pitching is a testament to his determination.
I probably should just start a Parrot mini collection.

Just two more pieces of evidence to prove that Kendall is the most underrated card guy ever.
Technically a Mets card, but still awesome.
A young Ramirez.  Letting him go was just soooooo bad.
Last but not least is one of the greatest oddballs in my constantly growing Bob Walk collection. I threw this card on Twiiter as soon as I pulled it from the envelope.  A true work of art. Just look at Walk.  So much greatness.

Thanks for all the great cards Jim! My turn....

Thanks for reading!


  1. That last Walk card is amazing. I can't believe you're taunting JBF.

    1. Gary Redus is my only way to actually troll Wes.

  2. Glad you like. A couple of things to clarify:
    1. The Reduses (Redusii?) Are TTM autos
    2. That blank card is a 1989 Topps Bob Walk blank front in case you didn't turn it over to see the stats.

  3. Sweet Walk! Custom sketch cards are the greatest!