The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, May 5, 2018


Trading in the blogging community is a beautiful thing.  Nothing quite beats finding a card and knowing exactly who will enjoy it.  A couple months back I bought some trade fodder online and among the group was a few Ryan Howard cards.  That is a guaranteed shipment to Brad's Blog. 

I kind of figured that Brad had both cards I sent, but it still didn't stop him from firing right back. 

I was hoping Garrett Jones would have stabilized first base for longer period, but he turned out to be more of a roll player that could only handle right handed pitching. Jones was a late bloomer as the Pirates signed him from the Twins.  Poor guy got stuck behind the likes of David Ortiz and Justin Morneau. 

Sticker autos aside, I was a huge fan of Triple Threads around this time.  The set featured so many Buccos to chase.
I had been on a Bay dry spell for a while, but this marks the second hit I've received in a trade this week.
The Desert Shield set seems to grow more popular every year. It also doesn't surprise me to see graded versions of the cards.  From what I've read a lot of fakes are out there.  People are the worst. The set is valuable because the print run per player was around 7000.  While that seems like a lot it is only a drop in the bucket compared to the regular mass produced junk wax set.
Fun to see a Delwyn Young card.  His most famous moment as a Pirate was taking Stephen Strasburg deep in his debut.
Neil Walker rookie card! Fun to see an Upper Deck Icons card.  One off sets always intrigue me and I seem to gravitate towards them when looking for unique parallels.
Another short lived set in Fleer Futures! Bonus that the card features Kris Benson in a Homestead Grays uniform.

The Pirates had quite the early 90's catching combo in Don Slaught and Mike Lavalliere
Collecting late 90's through mid 2000's Pirate Bowman prospects is a cruel yet fun venture. You just shake your head at all the missed draft picks. That my friend is how you have 20 straight years of losing.
That Polanco was one of my favorites from 2017 Topps.
Ending on a strong note here with a manager card and an iconic Tekulve.  That Teke pretty checks all the boxes.

Thanks for the nice surprise Brad.  You really found some cool stuff.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice haul. I need some Desert Shield Strawberry's and Kruk's. Might head over to some of the sites tonight now that these are on my mind. What was I talking about? Oh, right, dessert. I love chocolate.

  2. Not only were there only 7000 of each Desert Shield card, but you have to figure a lot of them went to service members who liked having something to pass the time, but didn't care enough about them to make sure they made it safely back home with them. I bet a lot were thrown away. I never see them at card shows.

    1. Great point! I was shocked when I saw some sets sell for. Big money!

  3. If I were considering picking up a Gwynn or Henderson Desert Shield card for my collection, I'd only be interested in a slabbed copy. Way too many fakes out there. Gotta wonder how many complete sets were actually built over the years.

    1. Yeah, I don't why I'm always shocked when I hear about fakes. If money can be made people will fake anything.