The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Wes Knows My Alma Mater (JBF Appreciation Volume 2)

Coming in second place in terms of volume is WVU. One of Wes's specialties has been finding obscure Mountaineer cards for me.  Before we get to the cards let take a look at a few things Wes has sent my that have a WVU theme.

 How about that hat?!
 I love this football.  It had three WVU greats on it (Mike Compton, Noel Devine and Amos Zereoue).

The WVU mini helmet was signed by head coach Dana Holgorsen. 

Freaking Sage went overboard with having their logo all over the sticker.  Either way I'm always game for a Quincy Wilson auto.
I loved Karl Joseph when he was at WVU.  He was a guy you could just tell was going to play in the NFL.  He is currently the starting safety for the Raiders.
I always laugh when I see this card.  Wes alone has probably sent me 20 of these.
This is where Wes gets into expert level WVU collecting. Ruoff had a nice career at WVU.  He was never going to be an NBA prospect, but that doesn't stop some sets from producing cards.  As far as I know this is Ruoff's only certified auto.  Pretty cool.
Something nice about having just a normal base card used as an auto for the set.

Contenders in in my top three of favorite current sets to add autos from.  The deep checklist always makes for some WVU additions every year.
This card has a great look as well.  Loved Cobourne when he was at WVU.  He ended up having a nice CFL career.
So many autos!!!!

Even more than the Studstill above I think this Kearney gets the award for most of one auto I have in my collection.
Slaton was an absolute beast

Geno has a unique auto.
Tavon just got traded to the Cowboys.

Geno's auto got a little more precise.
Jarrett Brown was a good quarterback but often forgotten as his tenure was sandwiched between Pat White and Geno Smith.

So much Sage!
Another deep track as Sands only had a few certified cards released.

If you are a college collector like myself then you likely love Press Pass.  Some of those early releases are among my favorite autos in my collection.  Always on card with a simple design.
Crazy patches!

Schmitt owns a bar here in town.  It is a pretty cool place that features tons of live music of just about every genre imaginable.

More Press Pass.  The scan is poor, but this card is absolutely awesome.
I think it would be impossible to collect all of Geno's releases, but Wes sure put a dent in the checklists.

UD Authentics was a nice way to get some cool college uniform photos.


More Joseph, this time wearing the gold uniforms.

Are you guys getting tired yet.  Just wait until I get to the Steelers.  Probably about four times bigger than the Pens/WVU posts.  So much show that I will be showing them in installments.  

/wipes sweat off.....back to scanning.  


  1. Whew. No dupes so far from my Expo acquisitions for you.

    1. That is impressive considering how many players he hits on this portion. Thanks for looking out for me at the Expo. You always find great stuff.

  2. I'm taking days off from work to read these posts.

    1. You probably have to take a lunch break in the middle

  3. Every time I see a card of Kevin White on your blog it bums me out. So much talent and he hasn't panned out.
    Lots of ink in this post. Keep 'em coming!

    1. Yeah....I hate seeing guys get derailed by injuries. Hopefully he gets a healthy season next year and can show his true talent and the reason why he was taken in the first round.

  4. Very nice! The attack has been far with much more to come

  5. Oh man... is that a Tekulve jersey I spy?

  6. Sooo many Mountaineers! The All-American and Inception designs appeal to me, for different reasons. And that hat is so loud! Great stuff.

    1. I love that hat....I'm definitely wearing it to a game next year.