The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Let the Baseball Games Begin (JBF Appreciation Volume 7)

I've been really excited to get to the baseball portion of JBF's final bombardment posted.  While I loved every item sent my way, baseball is the bread and butter of the blog. My hope is to wrap things up over the weekend with a one card post that blew my freaking mind.

As I've been posting these I've been having some fun dialog with Hazel Green madman.  The premeditation that went into these packages was over the top.  Wes said that he had been accumulating an arsenal of cards for over 2 years!  

Before we get to the cards lets take a look back at some of the memorable items Wes has sent my way over the years that were baseball related.  

I mean this is not even close to all the non cards he has sent my way.  Freaking four jerseys! Trying to understand the madman's motives is a fools game.  You just shake your head and move on.  

Now lets show off some cards.  This first installment is all serial numbered cards.  I bet you he sent me over 100 in just baseball.  

One of my favorite modern sets that capture one of the greatest moments in team history.  Pretty cool card!
While the prospect shine is starting to fade on Craig, he will forever be one of my favorite Pirates to collect because of his Black Bears tenure.

When non licensed cards look ok.

Nice collection of early cards of now established Buccos.
Obviously I love this card as I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Pacific.
Kang is back in the US finally.  Interested to see if he has anything left in the tank after not playing for so long.

Heredia is one of the bigger misses in recent Pirate history.  The Pirates gave him at the time the most they had ever given an international prospect.
Another love of mine....obscure short lived sets.  Fleer had a ton of them.
One of if not the best of Panini's offerings in recent memory.

High end base!

The guy we got in a trade that sent Jose Bautista to Toronto.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I recall having a ton of Leather and Lumber cards.  Not sure if this was a fluke or if the Pirates were well represented.

It stings a little that Cole is breaking out for the Pirates.  Thankfully both Colin Moran and Michael Feliz have been very good.

Freddy is keeping pretty good company on this card.   Pujols was so dominant with the Cardinals that for a while he was on some of the top ten lists in offensive categories at PNC park.

Awesome card!

Lambo couldn't stay healthy as a Pirate which is a shame.  At one point he was in line for an extended look.

The Corey Dickerson signing has really helped the depth of the Pirates.  Meadows has really struggled to stay healthy the last couple of years so he needs a good bit of AAA time.
Another big fail by the Buccos brass.

Actual Pirate John Jaso.

Mcguire looked to be catcher of the future for a while with the Pirates, but he just never developed any type of offense.

Short term Bucco Corey Hart.  Too bad he couldn't capture some of that Brewers magic.  He tormented the Buccos for years.
This is the only Tom Hagen I know....

Elite cards were a favorite in the early/mid 2000's.

Tabata went from high end prospect, troubled prosect, good major leaguer and out of MLB in about two years.  It was true roller coaster ride.

SPx seemed so damn classy when I was young.

Studio had a ton of fun inserts.
Star power!

Not a bad start right! Business will only pick up we move to the big finish.  Thanks so much for sticking with me as the tribute continues.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Fantastic stuff, so many obscure names and brands along with the usual favorites. I've never seen Upper Deck Update before. But those gamers, man...that's where Wes does his best work IMO.

    1. Some of those Upper Deck sets were huge.

      I literally have a whole baseball uniform I could wear sent to me by Wes.

  2. The Teke jersey is fantastic. Love all the parallel madness, but my favorite has to be the first one you showed: The Masterpieces Maz. What a great set.

    1. If you love canvas cards it is the set to collect. I feel like if UD would get a license again Masterpieces would be in the top 3 of blogger loved sets.

  3. That rally cap insert is awesome.

  4. Many walks down memory lane in this post. I can remember where I picked up almost everything here

    1. Thought you would like it. I'm pretty much going to have a "Wes Wing" in my basement.

  5. Holy crap...the cards...the jerseys...the bats! Amazing.

  6. I don't think my fiance likes me as much as Wes likes you.

  7. Love Kin's comment!

    These cards are so much better than seeing all those hated Steelers...

  8. Dude. How do you even begin to return the favor? Outside of hiring Redus, Willingham, and Barker to do a private vacation with Wes in the Hamptons, I just don't see it ever happening.

    1. Ha, I thought I got him good when I found each letter of Willingham auto'd. Not even close....

  9. Four jerseys? Including Teke? AND all those excellent cards?! Wes needs to see a psychiatrist.

    1. I think he is retiring from blogging because he is being committed.

  10. Tabata is now playing for my local independent League Atlantic League York Revolution I got him about a week ago signed every thing I had a couple of 8x10's and some cards..... If you have any doubles of cards your looking to get rid of let me know maybe I can buy them from you or trade for them. See my post

    1. That is awesome. He had a wild ride as an MLB player. Top prospect, troubled prospect, traded prospect, hyped rookie, everyday player, washed up.