The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Legacy of Giles

Limiting my November purchases has allowed me to catch up on scanning and go back through some older cards of mine that I thought might be blog worthy.  I was actually proud of myself as I showed restraint and didn't even take part in any Black Friday deals. I had a small cart saved on COMC, but decided to wait. I'm sure the obscure former WVU relic cards will be there down the road.

 2003 Fleer Showcase Brian Giles Legacy Parallel /150

Fleer Showcase was a set I enjoyed. It had a fun checklist and didn't go crazy with the parallels. The base set checklist was small with the only parallels being the above Legacy and the 1/1 Masterpiece. 

Here is the base card for reference.

It was much easier to appreciate parallels when the set didn't produce 20 different kinds.  Even subtle versions like the Showcase set still got the job done.

Change of Subject.....

Quick brag session on my Alma Mater. WVU basketball defeated top ten Virginia yesterday. The WVU football team got their 10th win and the women's soccer team is playing for the national championship against USC.  It has been a fun weekend!

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  1. Was the soccer game televised? Forgot the championship game was this weekend. I was looking forward to Stanford going far, but they got knocked out early by the other team I was cheering for (Santa Clara). Anyways... congratulations on WVU making the championship game.

    1. Yeah, USC beat WVU for the title. Tough spot for WVU has it was pretty much a home game for USC. WVU had tons of chances but the USC goal tender made a couple huge saves.