The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Doug Covers All the Bases

According to my records this marks the 17th time Doug from Sportscards From the Dollar Store has sent something my way.  He always seems to find something unique. For whatever reason Canada is a hotbed for WVU cards. 

I was super excited to see this card.  Joseph's penmanship is lacking, but his auto cards are hard to come by. This colorful parallel is numbered to /25 and is even more chromey and colorful in person. It is the centerpiece of my Joseph collection. 

This auto of Brian Strait is a beast.  It is one of the thicker cards I've seen in awhile.  Strait came up with the Pens but didn't play much.  The Islanders gave him his first shot at consistent playing time.

I've been on a nice run receiving cards of Kiner in the mail lately.  This is a great looking one from 2012 Gypsy Queen.
Doug was nice enough to send this Fleury my way even though it probably would look good in his mask collection. Baseball catchers need to get back and start designing cool masks.

One of these years I would love to add a Sid and Malkin auto to my collection.  The Malkin should be relatively easy, but the Crosby is going to be pricey.  For now my whole hockey collection has been blog accumulated.  Doug has been the biggest help.

The Pens goalie of my youth Tom Barrasso.  I think the Ultra is my favorite.

Love how the Steelers cards look with the black and gold frame.  Did you know DeAngelo Williams had a Walking Dead themed wedding.  Don't think my wife would have went for that....

Don't look directly at the Tavon Austin Donruss card as you may have a seizure. Those color rush uniforms are interesting. One of these years I pray the Rams get a quarterback/coach that can utilize Tavon's talents.  You would figure the Rams would feel the same since they just gave him a boatload of money this offseason.

Vintage hockey is still a favorite of mine. Every once in a while I start looking on eBay but cooler heads prevail when I remind myself of all the Pirate needs. Thankfully cool guys like Doug hook me up.
I'm a big Pro Debut and Heritage Minors fan. I love minor league uniforms, especially when they are Pirate affiliates. Future Andrea McCutchen replacement Austin Meadows is sporting the Altoona Curve jersey.

Thanks for all the great cards Doug.  I'll send some more stuff up North soon.

Thanks for reading.


  1. You, Doug, and I are such similar collectors that when I see you guys swapping trade packages while I'm waiting on delivery of stuff I bought for you, I hold my breath every time I read one of your trade posts! So far, so good, though!

    Count me in as a big fan of that Donruss football design, and the Steelers were well done!

    1. I have much better luck with baseball than anything else with each of you.

  2. Nice variety of cards here, and I agree about the Ultra Barrasso. 92-93 Ultra was such a cool design, in all sports.

    That Tavon Austin Donruss is bliding, man. Too much yellow! I'm not sure if I like the design of that set, it's like an updated version of 1990 Donruss - with team colors instead of that godawful red.

    1. Those silly color rush uniforms are atrocious. I'm all for novelty uniforms, but that is too much.