The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Another One Bites the Dust

Tonight is the Big 12 Tournament championship.  For the third year in a row WVU is going to be playing in it, but are still looking for their first win.  Hoping that we can finally get our first Big 12 title against Kansas tonight.  

In honor of the basketball game I thought I would showoff a recent addition to my Joe Alexander collection. 

I don't buy many basketball cards these days as it has been a while since WVU has produced an NBA player that could stick in the league (fingers crossed for Jevon Carter). All my focus is on legendary players like Jerry West, Rod Thorn and Hot Rod Hundley. Only Alexander and Devin Ebanks have seen time recently.  

I'm very weak on my knowledge of NBA sets, but I do know that some of these low numbered Murad cards go for big bucks.  I've lost a good bit of low numbered auto parallels from this set.  Even for a major bust like Alexander you can often see cards in the $20-40 range.  Thankfully this plate went for about $10 shipped.  Much more manageable and right about the max area I like to be on plates. 

If you do like throwback looking sets I suggest taking a look at the T-51 Murad set.  It is very cool.  

Thanks for reading and Let's Go Mountaineers!!! 


  1. WVU made my Baylor Bears look silly in the first round...

    1. The key for teams against WVU is having bigs that can handle the ball and the ability to make corner threes since the press leaves them open.

  2. Nice printing plate. T-51 Murad was one of the last sets I'm trying to complete. I'm down to needing only about 15 minis.