The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Robbing Rob

KO Rob doesn't blog, but we actively communicate via my blog, email and Untappd.  Rob and I share the love beer and card collecting so we make a pretty good trade team.  Our last trade was beer, this time we went back to our roots.  

This is a quality start for sure. While not listed on the box it does come complete with stunning good looks and rocket arm throwing action.  

I actually have a good bit of Starting Lineups in my collection.  I've been contemplating taking them out of the box to save space.  Not sure what I'm going to do.  
"Hey Ladies"
Rob showing off....
Rob must have unlimited funds.  He can throw around 90 UD Walk's like it is nothing. Definitely explains how he sent me so much great beer at one time.  He is obviously an astronaut cowboy millionaire.

Rob knows my collection all to well....
The logo is obviously a welcome addition.
West is kind of like Gene Hackman.  He always looked old, but then just stopped aging.

This one is much nicer in person.

Now for some cards of my youth....
90 UD for the win here. I have a soft spot for Diamond Kings, but I love the unique photo.

Bobby Bonilla is not fondly remembered by most of his former employers, but I would say the one exception would be Pirate fans. He had his best years as a Pirate and played on some great teams.
Skinny Bonds galore!
The Shawn Harvey card is super cool  He played at super small West Virginia State University! Earl Lloyd went to school there...He would go on to be the first African American to have played in an NBA game.

Now we get into the super sexy portion of the program.

Card reeks of world class athleticism.
I talk about Spanky all the time.  Hard to not like the guy.

Now for a card that I put on Twitter as soon as I saw it.

Now that my friend is a gum stain.  Little did Topps know that this would be a prelude to a Heritage variation 20 years later. The stain adds some great character to an already great card.  Manager cards are already awesome, the gum made it legendary.

Thanks for all the great cards Rob.  They were a blast to sort through.  We need to trade some beer soon!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Those gum stain variations would have been a lot more interesting if they had looked anything like that Leyland, or in other words, if they had actually looked like real gum stains.

    1. I agree. Heritage and GQ have gotten a little crazy. Basically they are just purposely manipulating the actual card. No logo, no nameplate....blah.

  2. I remember that Lee Tunnell card. Probably pulled 3 or 4 of them my first year of collecting.

    A Bob Walk SLU would have been a white whale for me back in the day. I was always searching for out-of market players who weren't "all-stars" In my area all we got were tons of Ellis Burks, Kevin McReynolds, Dave Righetti..and maybe a Boggs or Gooden.

    "I've been contemplating taking them out of the box to save space." I'm currently pondering this same thing with my McFarlane figures. They're 3x bigger and I don't have an emotional attachment to them the way I do with SLUs.

    1. I've been really cleaning up all my spaces lately. It may lead me to opening some figures. I need the space.

  3. *Bob Walk Starting Lineup*


  4. Free that B-Walk SLU! Let ‘im roam! Glad you liked it all. I’ll keep my eye out for any NJ beers that look your speed.

    1. My buddy's Mom lives really close to Magnify. He is always bringing me some of those bad boys. Great brewery.

  5. If you think about it... gum stained cards are much rarer than non-gum stained cards. And there's a chance that there not another Leyland out there with the exact same gum stain, so you might have a 1/1 on your hands.

    1. I"m going to cut and paste this for an eBay listing.

  6. I didn’t know he had a SLU!!! That’s the best.