The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sistine Chapel, Starry Night, Mona Lisa......Bob Walk!

It is going to take me a while to get things sorted from my latest package from Wes. In the meantime I wanted to bring some attention to two cards that I found among 20,000 Donruss Walk cards he sent.  Think I'm exaggerating? 

I got Walk'd .

It seems that Wes commissioned Gavin to do a couple special items that were buried in the bottom of his monster box. 

OH MY!!!! You know only the greatest athletes get the cut signature treatment.  Other Pirates to have cut signatures are Honus Wagner, Paul Waner and Clemente.  I'm sure if those guys were around today they would be happy to be associating with Bob Walk.

This was my favorite of the two.  More of Walk's signature hair and stache!

I figured with this latest package that Wes had some help.  This is obviously Gavin's work.  The other items are not so obvious, but I have an idea of some people that probably helped along the way.  Lot's of scanning to do on the other items.

Thanks so much Gavin for joining in on the fun with Wes.  These are truly unique items that I will cherish.  You did great work.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks.. glad you like 'em! On one hand, it felt a little sacrilegious chopping up a signed Bob Walk card, but I think I get a pass this time.

  2. When the time is right, all of the Walks will unite to form Walktron. Whats his mission? I control that variable. #bb18

  3. Nice to see that Wes took the time to protect all of those precious 1988 Donruss Walks.

    P.S. Those customs are awesome!

  4. These look so awesome! Great diea by Wes and excellent work by Gavin.