The Legend

The Legend

Friday, April 20, 2018


The Trinity kick continues....

2017 Leaf Trinity Shane Baz Clear Auto /10

Shane Baz was the Pirates first round pick last year.  Hopefully the hair was the deciding factor. I got a little worried when Shane was formally introduced last year with a more clean look. 

Thankfully he looks to be letting it grow out some.

This is important stuff folks, because if Baz can mimic the looks of the greatest pitcher ever to walk the know he is destined for greatness.

Baby steps Shane! Those shoes are hard to fill, but I respect you for aiming as high as you can. If a mustache starts coming into play he will be on top of every prospect list known to man. 

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  1. Hopefully he and Keller can buck the trend of Buccos pitching prospects getting too injured to live up to their potential.

    1. The Pirates have always struggled at developing elite pitching. Even Cole had only one season where he pitched like an ace (2015). The encouraging thing about Taillon and Keller is that command is their strong point.

  2. He's kinda rockin the Jacob deGrom look in the first picture. Good to see he's growing it back a bit. Gotta long way to go to catch the great Bob Walk though.

  3. his hair is too curly. maybe send him a straight-iron.