The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, April 8, 2018

More Fun Relics

As I get cards sorted, several predominant themes have begun to present themselves. First and foremost I have a shitload of cards.  I knew this already, but this project further cemented the fact that this is going to take forever.  Good thing I like to sort cards. 

Among said shitload is a bunch of relics.  While many are the nondescript plain white jersey type, I have dug up some more fun varieties.  Take these Paul Maholm Future Game relics. 

Boring traditional white jersey variety....

Darkish blue variety.....
Super fun lettering variety....
Bright orange variety.

I remember buying these from the same seller on eBay so I know these were boxed away somewhere. At least I kept them together and even threw them in the same team bag for ease of discovery.  That is probably the best way you can describe my collection.  Organized mess!

I'll probably draw the winner for my treasure contest tomorrow or Tuesday.  Join in on the fun here.

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  1. Paul Maholm, staff ace of the late 2000s

    1. I think he was the only one who showed any consistency in that era. Guys like Duke, Snell, and Gorzelanny all showed flashes but Paul was the only that was steady

  2. Replies
    1. I think that one cost about $3!!!

    2. Cheapest rainbow I've ever seen! Congratulations buddy!