The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Proving My Loyalty

My day started at 430am in Orlando. I was in Houston by late morning and Pittsburgh by late afternoon.  Why such a roundabout root to get home? Well, I wanted to make the 7pm tipoff between WVU and Kansas. My mother in law had already booked Southwest so they had to be our carrier. Unfortunately flights into Pittsburgh were all evening arrivals.  That wasn't going to cut it hence the roundabout root through Houston.

Was that a lot of hassle just for a basketball game.....yeah it was, but it worked out!

Huge props to my mother in law for playing along. She was a good sport.  Eat it Jayhawks!

This is why I was in Orlando.  I'm not a big theme park guy, but my daughter seemed to enjoy it. It was fun watching her reactions when she made eye contact with one of the characters.  She really lost her shit around Goofy and Little Mermaid. Good stuff!

Its good to be home and looking forward to catching up with my mail!

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  1. Replies
    1. It was nice to finally get back on track. We had played like dog shit the week and half before this game.

  2. I'm sure collecting cards doesn't come close to seeing your kid get giddy over Goofy and Ariel. That's awesome man!

    1. It was so fun seeing her react. Disney knows how to cater to kids.