The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Direct Orders

Hey, its an actual post about cards. I feel like in the summer this blog turns into a travel/beer blog, but I guess it helps keep things fresh. Hard to drum up a lot of excitement for a new Jason Bay addition. Guess it proves I'm an actual person that doesn't sit at home thumbing through junk wax cards 8 hours a day. By the way that is not a bad thing, I just like to get out of the house. If my wife would let me I would happily thumb through junk wax 18 hours a day!

A couple weeks back Julie from A Cracked Bat sent me a huge box of cards with specific instructions on the pattern to open.  The first team bag labeled #1 was the jumbo Extra Bases cards I showcased last week.  The rest of the cards are in order of how they appeared in team bags labeled #2-7.  Tons of cool stuff here. 

When I was actively collecting Steelers my two favorite players to collect were Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu.  Always cool to receive cards of one of the better defensive players in team history which is saying something considering the teams history.

I liked watching Wallace as a Steeler because he seemed to only run go routes.  He was pretty much the "down and B" play on Tecmo Bowl.

The Platinum Roethlisberger is one of the more shiny cards I've seen. 

One of the team bags was stuffed to the gills with Topps Mini cards.

Love this card!
It seems like I talk about Topps Total a lot on my blog.  I still think the set would have a place as a retail only option.  That way Topps wouldn't have to worry about the case busters not getting an Aaron Judge auto.
Julie just throws around cards worth $5000 like a boss.
Not exactly murderers row, but I do like this card. The sun looks to be in Aramis Ramirez's eyes.
I know Pirate fans get sick of their stomach when they think of the Jose Bautista trade.  While it was completely unnecessary who knows if he would have actually broken out.  Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.
License or not, DK will always be a favorite of mine.
Triple Play was a staple of my childhood.
Jim Leyland smoking in the dugout was also a staple of my childhood.  I'm such a sucker for manager cards.

Vintage stock featuring Cutch and real life Pirate John Jaso.

Optic cards are more attractive than the normal Donruss base so that is saying something.
Young Cutch!
Kind of hard to see but this is numbered out of /10.  Holdzkom kind of pulled the Natural with the Bucs as he came out of nowhere to help us make a big playoff push and then disappeared.

This is a super cool Little Poison bat card! Panini has created a ton of cool new cards of the Waner brothers recently.  Love that they focus on a lot of  pre war players.

Former Black Bear Will Craig! He has had a much better season this year so I'm hoping he may get a late move to AA this year.

This card says Adam LaRoche, but that is most definitely his brother Andy.

I joked at the beginning of this post about always showing Jason Bay cards....

This is a super cool patch featuring the rare red jersey worn by the Pirates in the mid 2000's.
Some high end base of Cutch!
Pretty much a perfect card.

I'm a fan of the crazy looking Inception base cards.

Andrew Lambo kind of pulled the Henry Owens by being in every set for a while without really deserving to be. Man, I wish Finest was just a little cheaper. I really love that set.

It looks like Nick Kingham was practicing writing his name in Japanese.
Steve Blass cereal card!

Thanks for all the great cards Julie.  These were a blast to sort through.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That was a heck of a haul! The Bay patch and Waner bat pieces are awesome, but the low-numbered parallels caught my eye as well. The DK design works well with old-timers, perhaps because many of the uniforms didnt have logos back then anyhow.

    1. Oh yeah, Panini's cards of pre war players are top notch for that very reason. Love them. Check out Panini Classics. Great set that they only brought back for one year. Checklist is among the best I've ever seen.

  2. Sweet hook up with Julie... does your wife know? Leyland with a fungo bat is awesome. As is your comment about the Walk card. You perpetually come up with these one liners that crack me up. Keep up the good work.

  3. That's a nice haul of cards there. I have a mini Holdzkom rainbow. Literally the minis. I wish he had stayed healthy for 2015. His breakout success in 2014 was something movies are made from. Oh, you referenced that already. Nevermind.

    1. It is always nice when you get that shot in the arm from someone you least expect. The Pirates have not received such shot this year.

  4. Tristar Obak was such a great product. I remember seeing blasters of this stuff back in the day. I'd love to get my hands on some that product today.

    1. It is an odd set, but I do like it. Kind of a nice change of pace from Heritage Minors or Pro Debut.

  5. wow, as always, Julie isn't kidding around when she sends a trade package ! lots of very cool stuff that fit your collection perfectly

  6. Way to save the Kellogg's card for last.

    1. Those have to be the most beloved oddballs, right?

  7. I love how four different teams can complain about how they let Bautista go. Especially the Mets who had him for less than a day lol.

    1. I guess....but we were the ones that just gave him up for nothing and also didn't have anything to do with Rule 5. Plus he had already established himself as at least a useful bench player. The allure of Andy Laroche was just too much.