The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Frankenstein Card

2006 Bowman Originals Jason Bay Auto/Relic 1/1

This card made me laugh so I put in a small bid and sure enough I won it.  The fact it was a reissue of a relic from 2002 then signed and hand numbered in 2006 seems kind of weird. Who knows, this card might actually be fake.  The Bowman Originals set was riddled with counterfeits on the secondary market.  I remember at one point seeing a handful of fake McCutchen autographs on eBay. I even contacted a seller directly to tell him he may want to take a card down. 

The issue is that most of the autos were stickers so people could manipulate the card and numbering. If you ever think about spending any significant cash on a card from this set make sure you do some research.  It is amazing what people will manipulate in order to make a few bucks.  

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  1. that is one odd-looking card! if real, it's a coup!

  2. I've thought about purchasing a few of these Bowman Originals autographs before... but have never pulled the trigger because of the whole counterfeit problem.

    Beckett has a pretty big database of these buybacks... although I can't say for sure that it's complete. I tried to look up this card for you, but didn't see it. But once again... that doesn't prove that it's real or fake.