The Legend

The Legend

Friday, August 18, 2017

Extra Bases

I'm heading to Pittsburgh this weekend for my brother in laws bachelor party. Should be a good time full of drink, food and shenanigans. We are even hitting the Pirates game Saturday.  It is Gregory Polanco bobblehead night, so that is a nice bonus. The weird thing is I'll be the old man of the group. I'm ten years older than my brother in law so I get to see how young whipper snappers party these days.

The downside to being gone so much the last month has been cards. I have stacks ready to be sent out to a whole bunch of people.......just need to find a day to get the job done.  Soon, I hope. I figured I start showing a few of the cards Julie sent my way to at least get the ball rolling.

Let's all bask in the collective glory of 1994 Fleer Extra Bases

 Brian Hunter doesn't have many Pirate cards as he only spent part of a season in Pittsburgh.  Most remember him from his Braves days.

 I'm not quite sure about the design. /does massive line of cocaine. "Ok guys I'm picturing confetti and a toddler's attempt to cut out Rick White."

 I love looking for Al Martin cards because he played in the mid to late 90's for the Buccos. So much crazy stuff to chase.
 Cool bunting card of a guy who was known to be a pretty decent power threat.

 Nice shot of the 1994 All Star game patch.  The game was held at Three Rivers Stadium that year.
 My favorite card of the bunch. Andy Van Slyke was an easy guy to root for when he was a Bucco. Great all around player during his tenure.

Odd pitching face.  Cooke was probably in shock that he got someone out in 1994.  He did not have a good year.

Thanks for a trip down memory lane Julie. A big post showcasing all the other great cards will be coming early next week sometime I hope.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Pain in the butt to store, but I loved this set. I loved NBA Jam Session too, the basketball-equivalent of this set.

    1. Jam Sessions was awesome. I remember having those in elementary school.

  2. The odd design definitely makes the rookie stand out.

    Almost wrote "TL; DC" as in, too long; didn't collect.

    I also preferred the basketball version, don't know what happened to the ones I had back in the day.

    1. Someone stole them and retired to a private island. Bastards!

  3. I know some collectors aren't fans of this set b/c of their odd size... but I love them. I opened packs of the basketball version back in the day. This might be a fun and affordable box break.

  4. Definitely fun, if a pain to store, and a nice example of 90s oddball-ness. Have a blast in the Burgh!

  5. Always disliked these cards because of the inability to store them.

    Also, every time I heard Steve Cooke's name all I could think was "Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve Cook...Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeve Cook...and he's running for House of Delegates...where his cooking will be good for sure."

    (Matt is the only one that might get that)