The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fighting With the Select Few (Collecting Your Alma Mater)

2005 UD Reflections Kay Jay Harris /15 Auto

Probably not the greatest of click bait to feature an obscure WVU player, but bare with me just for a minute....

Kay Jay Harris went undrafted after his senior season at WVU, but still received a handful of releases from some of the bigger rookie oriented sets. His cards have always been cheap.  So much so that you have to look for auctions with free shipping or else you will pay more to get the card to your house then the actual sell price. 

Over the years I've actively pursued dozens of players like Kay Jay Harris.  It was fun because I watched them all play in person and the cost was minimal.  It is always fun to have a personal tie to the cardboard you purchase.  

As my WVU collection grew I decided that I would chase some more obscure parallels to give myself a challenge.  I definitely underestimated how hard and costly this could be. Most of my focus goes to bigger WVU names like Pat White, Steve Slaton and Joe Alexander.  They surprisingly still have a strong market when you get into the low numbered cards.  Many cards still go into the $20 to $30 range.  Not break the bank type of numbers, but if I'm going to spend that kind of money I would rather it be on my Pirates collection.  Even the Kay Jay Harris above set me back $8.  

I'm beginning to think I might have some luck scouring Sportlots and Just Commons. My hope is that the seller would just assume that this is just some scrub card that no one would really want.  In theory I kind of thought this would be true on eBay auctions, but obviously there is someone just like me wanting to add obscure WVU players to their collection.  

I guess long story short is don't underestimate college collectors. 

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  1. I think that many collectors, as well as the card companies, either underestimate or are completely ignorant of college fanbases' collecting tendencies.

    A prime example of WVU is the first Pat McAfee card that came out. It is #/99. I haven't looked in awhile but last time that I did, going rate was close to $100.

    People probably bitch about pulling that card ("IT'S A PUNTER!") from a pack until they see what they can get out of it.

    Secondary sales make products stronger over time. People complain they can't get their money back. Well, card companies need to do some research and better select players, especially among rookies. Try to get as many rookies from schools that are highly collected. But hey, what the heck do I know?


  2. I wish I was more active collecting Syracuse guys. I always try to score an auto or Relic of a guy I really liked.

  3. There's two sides to this coin. On one side... it kinda sucks that guys who never really made it big in the NFL command a decent dime. But on the other side... it means people are still collecting, which is a damn good thing to hear.

    Congratulations on grabbing this pretty rare card for your collection for under $10.