The Legend

The Legend

Monday, August 7, 2017

My Canadian Pipeline

I don't know how Doug does it, but he always sends me a ton of WVU cards. I feel like every package I get is loaded down with multiple autos and parallels. Recently I sent some cards up to Canada and sure enough Doug hit me with a ton of great cards with WVU being the central theme. 

While I collect WVU guys both in their college and professional uniforms the preference will always be the collegiate garb.  This is a really nice jersey/auto of former Mountaineer running back Charles Sims.
I hate that Tavon is starting to get the "bust" label.  Hopefully the quarterback situation in LA gets stabilized this year.
I love Contenders! Always a deep checklist to go along with a really nice on card auto.

Quite the trio of Geno's! Hoping he can find a nice home backing up Eli Manning in New York. Geno got drafted into a disastrous situation with the Jets that pretty much set him up to fail.

Doug is also a nice pipeline for my modest Penguins collection.

This Hagelin is just fanstastic. Probably my favorite looking card of the bunch sent.

Goaltender cards are just so cool.  No wonder Doug collects goalies!
My first Shelton Gibson card!

Former Penguin Tyler Kennedy had a nice 5 year run with the Pens and helped them win a cup in 2009 against the Red Wings. 

How about a bunch of old Panini Steeler stickers! 

Thanks for all the cards Doug.  Look forward to our next swap. 


  1. Dollar Store deals of the day! I get the goalie love. I find myself regularly wanting to pick them from dime boxes. I slap my hand and put them back, which looks a bit weird to others. They don't understand the struggle.

    1. I love hockey cards. My team is the Penguins and they are popular that it would probably bankrupt me.