The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Drunk Numbering

2015 Topps is live so lets talk early 2000's autos and relics! Brian Giles by all accounts was a huge asshole during his tenure as a Pirate, but the guy could flat out play. The guy had two 6 WAR and two 5 WAR seasons during his peak years as a Pirates. He just played on some terrible teams.

Whether he was a prick or not I like adding his cards to my collection. A recent crop of cards I picked up had some odd numbering. Check these out.

 2002 Donruss Classics Auto /13

 2001 Donruss Signature Series Auto /123

 2002 Leaf Certified Jersey /95

2002 Donruss Classics Patch /400

As you can see their is no rhyme or reason why these cards are numbered to these odd amounts. I just envision some low pay Donruss guy randomly putting stickers on cards and saying that is enough and then counts how many total he placed on the card. " for me"

With all that being said I love picking up relics and autos from the "early period." I often search for Brian Giles and Jason Kendall with the hope of finding gems like these. 

Hope everybody is enjoying opening up some Topps. I'm really thinking about using my lunch break to buy some Topps.  Nothing beats opening cards at work.

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  1. Man, imagine if we still had random serial numbers that changed every year despite being the same parallel.
    Oh wait...

  2. I like getting the oddball numbers. It's more interesting to me than the common stuff. What drives me nuts, though, is when different cards in the same set are numbered to different things. Panini does that a lot.

    1. I guess it would make sense if it was a patch card, or something that was actually limited. The auto was just too weird.