The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Making the Most of it

Today was a fun adventure. My brother and I hopped in a car and went beer distributor hopping in Pennsylvania looking for new beer. I also had a significant list from co workers looking for specific beers. We didn't find anything to rare, but hit a lot of stuff you can't find in WV. Founders, Ballast Point, and Deschutes were all available. I will be very popular at work on Monday. Also met a nice guy who said he would be happy to order some of the harder stuff since I bought so much today.

Boy oh boy did my Mountaineers take a beating. Baylor learned from their mistakes last year and came out with a masterful game plan. They ran tons of qb options that opened up huge running lanes. This has been a brutal stretch  as WVU has had to play Oklahoma, Ok State, Baylor and TCU. The last two are rated 2 and 3 respectively.

2014 Immaculate Collection Andrew McCutchen /10

This is one of those cards that I really wasn't interested in, but the seller had a ton of stuff I wanted so I talked myself into putting a bid because of the huge shipping discount. My streak of adding a ton of Pirate Immaculate cards continues. I miss the dreads... Don't remember the exact price, but I think this was less than $10 which is not a great deal, but that is the price you pay for Cutch these days. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Thanks for reading.