The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Adventures in eBay Packaging

I had no intentions of posting tonight, but I found this so odd I thought I should share.

I actually laughed while opening this card.

It may be a little hard to see, but that is half of an Ultra Pro One Touch Magnetic case.  I only received that half of the case.  The card itself was placed in a toploader with a ton of tape wrapped around the opening.  The card was then placed in the magnetic case with a thick piece of white cardboard protecting the other side.  WTF, right?

The card arrived safe and sound so no negative feedback or anything like that.  Just when you think you've seen it all something like this pops up. If any of you have half a one touch case sitting around you now have a way of utilizing it!

Thanks for reading.


  1. That does sound like strange packaging..I cant even guess at their thinking, but as long as the card arrived in good shape, it worked.

    I actually have a bit of a Trevor Williams PC going, and I'm waiting for Topps to put him in one of their sets. I think the card you have might be his most recent issue!

    Also, I have a bunch of Pirates cards I'd like to send you. E-mail me your address if you'd like.

    1. Trevor Williams turned out to be quite the steal for the Pirates since they traded a coach for him!

  2. Lol that's amazing. Just you wait and see, eventually a completely different seller will send you the other half of the magnet holder.

  3. The eBay tape is the absolute worst. Whenever I see that in a package, I know I will be in for an adventure in opening the card.

  4. My guess is that the other half of the one touch must have broken somehow, and this was the seller's way of getting rid of a useless card holder.