The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Peter Pags Picked a Pack of Cards

Blog reader Peter who goes by @Pinstripedcards on Twitter recently hit me up with another great package full of Buccos.  I think this marks the third time I've received cards from the Yankees fanatic. As usual it is always a nice mix of old and new.......and super rare/awesome/life changing like this first card. 

Look at how effortless a 120mph fastball looks! It is fitting that the design of 1989 Fleer cards mimic a jail cell because no one should be able to throw that hard and look so good at the same time.

Leyland may need to be refitted for a hat.  Manager cards are the best. This one is a national treasure.

Taylor was a second round pick out of high school in 2013.  The Pirates traded him as a ptbnl in the Ike Davis a few years back.
Most people don't remember Matt Morris played for the Pirates at the tail end of his career.  I would like to forget too.....Still cool to have cards showing these brief moments of a players career.

More cards should show Maz fielding as that is what he was best at.  The only exception should be his walkoff World Series dinger.

Pirates of my youth.

Trippy new Bowman Platinum cards. Nice to get a Glasnow rookie.

Some current Buccos.  Really liked the Cervelli and Polanco cards this year.  Also nice to get some David Freese cards in the Bucco uniform.

Former WV Black Bear Kevin Newman!

Now for the Cutch portion of the show!

My wife is convinced that Cutch's wife made him shave the dreads.

The Perspective cards were cool and seem like they belong in the Stadium Club set.  Also, this is nicer than any Stadium Club card Cutch has had.  For some reason he has had really boring releases in Stadium Club.
I like this Bowman Best cards.  Like the "P" in the background.

Oh yeah! This Finest card is top notch.

Hard to tell if this is a pop up to first or a homerun over the Clemente Wall.

Man, Peter sent a ton of cool Chrome cards.

Thanks for all the great cards Peter.  I'll have to restock on some Yanks as I trade with a bunch of evil empire followers, but I'll hit you back soon.  Really appreciate you thinking of me!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Is Cutch vaping in the Topps Spring Fever photograph?

  2. Is Leyland wearing some sort of fancy stovepipe hat? Regardless, that looks like it was a nice batch of cards.

  3. Your Bob Walk commentary makes me laugh every time.

  4. Gonna have to track down one of those Finest Cutch inserts for my "42" mini-collection.

  5. That user recently followed me on Twitter, I guess they found me through you. I want to help him with his goal to have the biggest Yankees collection ever but I've seen countless others with similar aspirations give up and downsize because of lack of space.

    Oh and nice cards, especially the Walk.

    1. I've traded with Peter several times. He is a good dude.

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