The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Getting Huffy

The Pirates will not be playing meaningful baseball this September so I can make a smooth transition into the college football season.  Baseball will always be top dog, but it nice to live in the same town as my alma mater.  WVU sometimes flies under the radar, but collectively they have a top notch athletics department. The football team is always a bowl team and trending upwards, the men and women's basketball made the tournament, baseball made the postseason and women's soccer played for the national title.  That is solid consistency across all sports.

While this will always be baseball card blog I do get a tad bit excited to showoff some WVU cards this time of year. I'm always adding to my collection throughout the year, but for the most part wait until football and basketball season to throw a few on the blog.

2008 Press Pass Sam Huff Onyx Auto /25

Sam Huff is only behind Jerry West as the schools most accomplished athlete. Huff was a WVU legend that would go on to have a Hall of Fame professional career with the Giants. His number is one of only three that have been retired by the football program. 

Crack a beer and enjoy the games. WVU has a noon kickoff so an early start is in order for me. 


  1. Haven't seen that one before!

    1. His autos are always all over the place in terms of price. I bet you could find one for a reasonable amount.