The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, September 28, 2017

NOW Trolls the Dodgers

The beauty about baseball is that even when your chosen team is bad for most of the year, memorable moments still have a way of popping up during the season.  Such was the case August 23rd for the Pirates/Dodgers game.

Rich Hill was straight dealing the entire game. The Pirates could not touch him. The only tense moment was a liner to second base that was robbed by Chase Utley.  Hill would lose his perfect game in the 9th on a Logan Forsythe error but the no no bid was still alive.

To tell you the truth I was kind of rooting for the perfect game. It had been several years since one had been thrown so I'm all for witnessing a cool moment.  The big problem was the Dodgers offense could not muster a run either. After the error I went back to rooting for the Buccos to break up the no no.......extra innings!

When the Dodgers were blanked in the 10th Dave Roberts decided to bring Hill back out.  His pitch count was low, but it was an odd decision since Hill could only lose the game at that point. Obviously if you looked at the card above you know that Josh Harrison would ruin Hill's  no hitter, shutout and win all on one swing.

Yeah, I know the Dodgers are going to the playoffs and the Pirates are limping into the offseason, but for this one day the Pirates got their unique moment of the year. 

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  1. I caught the end of that game, very exciting for sure (especially since I didn't have a horse in the race so to speak).

    1. Yeah it was by far the best game for the Pirates and you could make an argument in the entire MLB this year

  2. I knew if anyone was going to break up the nono in the 10th, it would be JHay. The dude seems to have a habit of being the only guy to get hits when the rest of team can't touch someone.

  3. I was pulling for the perfect game too. Oh well... it gives Harrison a story to tell his grandchildren.

  4. Yes, I agree. The Dodgers are trolls.