The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Doing my Best and Showing my Best

My daughter recently started preschool which has in turn required me to change my blogging schedule. For the last few years I've been a creature of habit on when I scan, write, organize etc.  With school my daughter comes home absolutely wiped out so some adjustments are being made with her much earlier bedtime.

The main issue is scanning time.  The office area in my house is in close proximity to my daughters bedroom.  Being that she is a light sleeper I'm always a little tentative scanning more than a couple of cards after lights out.  This makes it tough to get those trade packages scanned in a reasonable time.   Time to call an audible.

I live extremely close to where I work so I often come home for lunch.  Since I'm not cooking myself a Michelin Star quality meal, actual eating time is short.  Scanning problem solved! In the past I would often utilize my lunches writing the text to my posts or just reading other blogs.  Now I use the lunch hour to scan and use the post bedtime hours to do the quieter blogging tasks. For the immediate future these changes should keep me on my normal posting schedule. I envy my friends that have sound sleeping kids.

Now for some cards.

Bowman Best autos tend to sell cheap as I was able to get this lot for around $8.50 shipped. I probably saved a few extra bucks because the seller only had 10 feedback on eBay. The Taillon and Diaz are considered rookies.  Newman and Craig are both former Black Bears and first round picks so that is pretty cool too.

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