The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blame it on the Rain

Another WVU football game......another noon kickoff.  I thought for sure since both WVU and our opponent Oklahoma State are ranked that we would get a later kick.  Not the case, but at least it is a national ABC broadcast. 

The weather is supposed to be awful with cool temperatures and the threat of heavy rain. Hopefully that will slow down Oklahoma State's potent passing game. Be sure to turn the game on and be thankful you are watching it at home. 

In the spirit of the big game here are a couple of recent eBay purchases.  I found a seller who was liquidating a huge collection of these Exquisite book autos.  If this was a personal collection he had to lose some big time money.  I got both of these for about the price of a blaster. At release these would have likely been in the $75-125 range a piece.  Ouch.

Obviously I'm partial to the all WVU version on top. Can't beat the college uniforms to go along with the nice on card signatures. I guess the silver lining is that all the guys are still in the league.  I have my fingers crossed that Geno will get some playing time since Eli Manning is really struggling. The disappointing part is that this Giants team has been decimated by injuries.  I think they had to call up half their practice squad to play wide receiver.

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Let's Go Mountaineers.


  1. It's always good to read a book during rainstorms, but I wouldn't pull these booklets out during the rain. Just sayin'

  2. Bummer on the game. Sweet booklets though.

    1. It was the first game this year where I actually thought the other team was better than us.