The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Punting Action Card!!!!

Last month I noticed that former WVU kicker Pat McAfee was featured a good bit in 2017 Panini Certified. Of course I'm sucker for kicker cards so I knew I would try and chase a few of the more appealing parallels in the set.

2017 Panini Certified Accomplishments /50

For those that don't know much about McAfee he has quite the unique personality.  So unique that he decided to retire from the NFL to pursue outside interests. He has went on tour as a stand up comic and hosts his own show on Barstool Sports which seems to be pretty popular. I'm sure he left quite a bit of money on the table but you have to applaud someone doing what they love.

- By the way I think I typed "Leaf Certified" about 15 times doing this post.  Old habits die hard.  

Back to sorting cards....Long live kicker cards.

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  1. That's cool that McAfee retired to pursue other interests. I'm sure he enjoyed being a punter... but there's the whole risk/reward equation. He probably doesn't have too many 200lb guys charging at him as a stand up comedian.

    1. Yeah....I think he made some money and just decided to give entertainment a try.

  2. I know nothing of McAfee but kudos for him taking a huge risk to pursue his interests. This card is appealing not just for the blue borders but the floating football as well!