The Legend

The Legend

Monday, October 2, 2017

Walk This Way

Chris aka "The Collector" and I have been following each others blogs for quite sometime but never pulled the trigger on a trade until now.  He reached out to me and said he had a stockpile of Buccos that needed a home so he shipped him my way.  I'm still working on the return shot, but will be hitting him back soon. 

He definitely knows how to get my attention.....

 Me likey
The look that has stole the hearts of millions.

 The man is an athlete.
 Pondering greatness
 Mid delivery in one of his 57 perfect games. 

 Unhittable heat.
 If I took this card to a pawn shop they would start drooling. 

 Beams of light shooting around him.  This is the view a batter has when trying to hit the great one.
 Picture perfect technique.

Chris didn't stop with Walk.
 A nice Heritage relic of Marte.
 Chris knows me! Former WVU great Jeff Hostetler!
 It would be fun to collect Kordell Stewart more actively.  He is featured in a ton of cool sets.
 This was probably one of the better rookies in recent memory for the Buccos.  Bell had a nice rookie season.....Glasnow not so much.  They really need him to be good.  His stuff is intoxicating, but he has the command of my 4 year old daughter.
 Some Heritage Buccos. Nice to get a Cervelli in the Bucco uniform.

 Are you a blue chip or warrior? That is what early Topps Finest wants to know.

 I've been showing a ton of Flair lately.  Here is one of the earlier installments of fancy Fleer.

Normally I would choose a Pirate Wakefield as my favorite of any bunch of cards, but SPANKY!!!!

Thanks for all the cards Chris.  This was a fun assortment to sift through.  I'll work on getting you something back soon enough.

Thanks for reading.


  1. BW in dodger stadium! Me likey also.

    1. They are way too expensive online.....I'll send you one :)

  2. One of these days you have to show us your complete Bob Walk collection, it has to be one of the most impressive Bob Walk collections in the world.

    1. Ha. Well he is pretty easy to accumulate since his peak was during the junk wax era.

  3. I feel like it's my birthday or something, you're the third person to thank me for a trade package in the last two days. I'm thrilled you like these, had to hit you with some mid-90's stuff - I just wish I had more Pirates relics and WVU guys to send you.

  4. It's like Mozart and DaVinci had a baby and Cy Young taught him how to pitch.

  5. i like those old Ultras. Quite the Walk of fame he sent ya! Fame of Walk??? Only you know for sure.

    1. Walk of Fame is much more prestigious than the Hall of Fame.