The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cardboard Ancestry

A recent package from Tom (The Angels, in Order) included one of my favorite cards of all time. After a little investigative work I have brought together two long lost relatives based on this card.  I know this based solely on hat choice..  

This is some random photo of a dude from England taken in the 1890's. 

The resemblance is uncanny! Leyland might as well be wearing a top hat.

Enough playing around....Lets get to other great cards Tom sent my way.
Jose "Chico" Lind has some underrated cards out there.  The other day I featured the studio card of him holding a samurai sword.  While this card is a little more traditional, the funny grin sets it over the top.
I forgot about Upper Deck "First Edition." I was an active collector as this time and sets still sneak up that I don't remember.

Jack Wilson sporting the shades.

In my mind I'm always creating cards that I think should exist.  I always thought "battery" cards would be cool.  Have a unique pitcher/catcher card.  Maybe even an autograph subset.  Hire me Topps.

Freaking Lastings Milledge.... He came and went pretty fast with the Pirates.  I know he had some success in Japan and parlayed that into a multi year deal over there so he's still active playing high end baseball.
Jim Morrison kind of looks like Cal Ripken upon a quick first glance.

Candy Man!

The Pens of my youth.  Bob Errey went into announcing after his playing days and currently works for the Pens local affiliate doing games.

Thanks so much for the cards Tom.  I have plenty of Angels to hit you back with.....That sounds sinister.

Thanks for reading!


  1. A Danny Ozark sighting, I believe! Looks like I need an 83f candelaria for my mini collections.

  2. Love that Leyland, I need to get that one already.

    Also, I've never seen that 83 Fleer Candaleria before either. How'd I miss it?

    1. I love manager cards and that ranks near the top. Leyland has a few certified autos out there, but if they would happen to turn that one into an auto head would explode!

  3. That Candy Man card is pretty cool... although I'm a little bummed that they cropped off his left foot.

  4. uncanny resemblance! the hat makes the man!

    1. Leyland thought the baseball field needed to be more formal with his top hat. He then goes into the dugout to smoke a cigarette.