The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

No Rest for the Weary

This is the last post from the most recent JBF Priority Mail box.  Time to catch my breath.../checks Twitter.  


I may teach my four year old some sorting techniques and how to scan a baseball card. My wife probably thinks I'm spending about 20k this month on cards or getting shipments of cocaine. 

Before I'm featured on the show Hoarders lets discuss the last installment of the most recent Priority Mail box.  This box was even more eclectic than the one I showcased yesterday.  

Jason Kendall and a throwback uniform.  Yes Please!
Fleer 92 went a little overboard with the aggressive name plate, but it is a Spanky card nonetheless.
Chico Lind doesn't have time to take his helmet back to the dugout.

I'm now sure that I've received every card
Here is a fun and very obscure set. This Al Martin is from the 1998 Sports Illustrated World Series Fever set.
Homestead Grays!
Another unique shot of Kendall.
Steve Pearce just couldn't stay healthy when the Pirates were trying to give him an opportunity to win the first base job.  I was happy to see him carve out a career after he ran out of chances in Pittsburgh.

This is his coolest Pirates card.
As card bloggers we like oddities.  How about a pitcher running the bases!

The Martin is the cooler photo but the Polcovich is more in focus.
The legendary Pat Meares on the left....

Sabo's goggles were a thing of legend when I was a kid.
I'm for any cards that feature Expos and Bucs.
Aki Iwamura signing was a disaster for the Buccos.  His decline was crazy fast after some productive Rays years.

Every Fleer Authentix card looks like an insert.
Some catcher goodness. I'm pretty sure I now super collect Mike Lavalliere.
Studio cards were always unique.
Being that I'm a Pacific fan I'm obligated to love Metal as well.  They were batshit crazy designs, but I love them.
Must have been a cold April photo op at Three Rivers Stadium.  Orlando Merced looks more ready to ski than to play baseball.  I dig the All Star Game logo patch on the jacket.

That was fun Wes! I need to hit you back with the ammo I have on hand since you are rapid firing to Morgantown.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the Latin Heat card.

    Wes is relentless!

  2. "I may teach my four year old some sorting techniques and how to scan a baseball card."

    At the rate JBF is hitting your mailbox, you'll be teaching him until he's 24 years old.

    1. I said in my last post about Wes that I'm taking applications for a scanning job. BWTP is expanding!

  3. You've posted a lot of cool Bucs cards but that Fleer Jason Kendall card gets the gold. I think I'll add that to my wantlist.

    1. Seriously, take some time and look at Kendall cards. Some of the best cards of anyone in the late 90's early 00's.

  4. The time for small potatoes is over my friend.

  5. "Sabo's goggles were a thing of legend when I was a kid."
    Yes, yes they were.

    1. Funny how those were so memorable. Same goes with Horace Grant.

  6. Lot's of 90's Pirates. Shipments of cocaine? Where's the 80's stuff?

  7. What a great collection of Pirates! And Pat Meares! I always thought he was an underrated player, having been a Twin and a Pirate during some tough seasons for both teams. He always went up to the plate hacking.

    1. Yeah. Meares couldn't stay healthy with the Buccos. Turned out to be a bad contract.