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The Legend

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trade: Wish They Still Came With Bubble Gum

It didn't take much time for Jeff from the newer blog 'wish they still came with bubble gum' and I to get a trade together. Last week Jeff commented on one of my posts that he was holding some Buccos for me. Sure enough a few days later a bubble mailer was at more door loaded with Pirates, Steelers, Pens and even a Mountaineer.

If you are going to start trading you might as well start big. Bob Walk in all his flame throwing glory! 

Cutch got off to a slow start, but since the beginning of May he has been his old self. One more good month and he'll be right on pace with his career norms. He has actually been victim to a low babip. Once that comes up a little the counting stats will follow.

Sad to hear that Kingham needs Tommy John surgery. He was the most likely of the Pirate prospects to make an impact this year. The really unfortunate thing is that he'll miss the majority of next season as well and he was likely to play a huge part next year.

Nice mix of Bowman!
Josh Bell is the Pirate first baseman of the future. Be interesting to see what happens next year as it will be Pedro Alvarez's last arbitration year. I don't see really any scenario in which they keep Pedro so it looks like it may be Bell's job to lose two seasons from now.
 Some Topps color!
Marte as the main attraction and Marte as a backup piece. The Wandy card is one of my favorites last year as you get cameos from Josh Harrison, Burnett and Marte.
 Let's Go Mountaineers!
 Luc Robitaille is mainly remembered as a King, but he put up pretty good numbers as a Pen too.
 The Kordell Stewart is my favorite as it says wide receiver/quarterback.
Action kicking!

This is a great way to break the proverbial trading ice Jeff. Give me a little time to replenish some of my Braves. I had some crazy trading with JBF that emptied out the coffers, but I have reinforcements on the way. Looking forward to keeping this trading momentum going.

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  1. Hey Cutch - dress like a ballplayer and that Bowman scan would have looked perfect!

  2. Tommy John Surgery is so commonplace now that it's (almost) no big deal. Obviously, having to get surgery is never a positive thing, but the set back is not what it used to be.

    Mike Pelfrey, Kyle Gibson, Frankkkkkkie Liriano, Miguel Sano, Matt Harvey, etc. all seem to be doing well this year post TJ.

    1. The only thing that made this one rough is the time frame. Kingham was projected to play a pretty big part this year and maybe crack the rotation next. The surgery will probably keep him out of the big league club until September next year.