The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Walk and Papoy Collaboration # 3

Kevin and I are moving right along with our box breaks. These have been working out nicely as it paces our back and forth trades to about once a month which seems to be working well. This time around it was my choice so I went off the grid a little by choosing 2006 Turkey Red Baseball. Steel City was running a good special plus I get the extra bonus of getting extremely quick delivery as I'm only about 75 miles from their distribution center. If I time it right and order first thing in the morning it can be at my door the next day.

The box as a whole was kind of a roller coaster ride of emotion. The biggest disappointment was that we were shorted a relic as the box promises 2 and only delivered 1. Our saving grace was that the black parallels run about 1 and 20 packs, but we managed getting 2. One of those black parallels was a big score for Kevin as he got the best player you could pull.

The box also yields one "cabinet card" which is a boxtopper version of the base set. Kevin also got this card and it was a good name as well. If you are sensing a theme, you would be right. Mr. Papoy was the runaway winner of this box. I'm happy as long as one of us does well.

Here is a small sample of my take.

The Pirate take was actually pretty good. My favorite card was the Sean Casey red. He had a short tenure with the Pirates so it was nice to get a parallel card featuring him in the black and gold. He was always a fan favorite being that he was from the Pittsburgh area.

This was my rarest pull that I got to keep. It was a black parallel of Sean Marshall. 

 Another sampling of reds....The fall about 1 a pack
 Here are the white borders. I believe these fell about 1 and 4 packs.

I like the Piazza Padres cards. 

Kevin will be able to show off a little more with his post once he receives his cards. This was fun to open as the break offers a little bit of everything. You have the color parallels, sps, relics and the chance for some huge autos. This might be a good option for us in a future break if the price stays manageable.

One thing I did notice when I was writing this is that the SP's are team variations such as normal Griffey shown as a Red while the SP is as a Mariner. Take note when you get your cards Kevin....I did not check for these.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Murton bunting? Check - ebay auction followed.

    1. I keep forgetting about the bunting cards for you....Just put a package in the mail for you.

  2. i'd forgotten how attractive these cards are. Thanks Matt. Now I MUST shop.

    1. Found mine on Steel City. It was way cheaper than Dave and Adams.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you sir! By the way I'm sending you a bunch of stuff!