The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Trade: I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning

Tim is a very easy guy to trade with.  He is a Yankee fan first and foremost, but he has an extensive collection that goes beyond the Bronx Bombers. Once I saw that he was looking for some Nats and Rays I knew I was going to be able to hook him up.  I had a quite a stack of both those teams including some high end autos.

In return Tim really hooked me up with a well thought out trade package that has hits, rookies and oddballs. Check these out.

I've seen a few of these Diamond Jubilee cards over the years, but never owned one. From the ones I've seen I'm guessing all these commemorate some type of major moment. Of course the Haddix will highlight the greatest pitched game ever. Pretty cool stuff.

If you ever take a look at Pacific cards on eBay you will notice that prices continue to go up. Some of the early patch cards and autos demand a premium along with the parallels and inserts.  This is a rare parallel /70 of former Pirate closer Mike Williams. 

Kris Benson only had a handful of autos during his playing days. I think I have all the Pirate releases, but this USA card is new to my collection. While he was considered somewhat of a bust for the Buccos he did have a long career. Sometimes the hype machine is hard to live up to. 

 So many Kendalls! The first is the Topps Gold while the middle is the inaugural Rockies addition.
 90's inserts are the best inserts.
 Always nice to get a Cutch. This Bowman parallel is /499.
 Nyjer Morgan before he came Tony Plush. I believe Nyjer is playing in Japan these days.
 120 mph heat
 and 100% sexy beast
 Very young Jason Grilli and Joey Bats. Hermanson was another guy who had tons of hype but failed miserably at the highest level.
Minis! Always nice to get a WVU guy in a trade. Tavon's been much more productive this year as the Rams are utilizing him more in the running game.

Not many Sunoco stations in my neck of the woods so this was a cool surprise.

Thanks so much for the cards Tim. I'll be sending you so more stuff in the near future.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice cards! And 90s inserts ARE the best inserts (which is why I have a tag for that exact purpose). I actually pulled a Chipper Jones like the Kendall you got and I remember being really excited because it looked so cool.

    1. The market is definitely improving for the 90's cards. Some of those hard to find inserts have become very valuable.

  2. I love that Bautista Prospect.Morgan was a huge Met killer with the Nats.He probably killed us with the Pirates ,too.Then again,who didn't kill the Mets post '06.

    1. Nyjer got the most out of his really limited skill set. He was a hockey player growing up!

  3. I'm glad you liked the stack I sent! Sorry again that it took so long.

    1. No problem on the time. I wasn't going anywhere :)

  4. Replies
    1. He is a different person now. His career has went full circle.