The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Walk, Papoy, HSCA Collaboration #11 (Marte Partay Addition)

As you can tell our box breaks were very close together this time around. I received packages from Brian and Kevin just a couple days apart. Obviously not a bad problem to have.

Kevin decided to roll the dice with a box of 2002 SPX. This set doesn't provide much in the way for base cards, but gives the opportunity for a monster hit. While that didn't happen, part of my haul was a Frank Thomas jersey that I immediately traded to Kevin for a Pirate card to be named later and some foie gras.

Since that was really my only card of substance I'll just show a couple of base cards that proves we actually opened the product. SPX is a very star oriented set so most of the big names are in there.

 I'm guessing the Captain is enjoying retirement.  I believe he is engaged to Hannah Davis.

 She seems nice.

 I got two Pirates out of the set. Giles and Ramirez are welcome additions.

So that pretty much sums up the break, but we are far from done.  Kevin sent some crazy nice Pirates to keep our long blind trade going.

National Treasures was stocked full of great Pirate cards. I made it a mission to find the Notable Nickname cards and hunted down Polanco's like it was my job. Well, Kevin has helped me in this crusade by sending this unique on card auto of the Pirate right fielder.

A couple weeks back Kevin busted a box of flagship. He was nice enough to send the gold Polanco. 

 Vintage is something that is always welcomed. How can you not love the 55 Bowman tv design.

Holdzkom has one of the more unique signatures you will ever see. He came out of independent baseball in 2014 to help the Pirates make a playoff push. Injuries and command issues kept him in AAA all of last year.

You ready to have a Marte Partay?

 Cool auto from one of the coolest sets.
 Things are getting crazy! A Bowman Sterling rookie auto of the gold glove left fielder.
 How about a Topps Supreme Marte auto /35.
 Or a Triple Threads jersey /27!

Holy smokes Kevin that was a lot of Marte's. You really outdid yourself.......but wait

 The showstopper. A 68 Clemente All Star card. Heck of a way to end the trade.

This Bieber kind of creeped me out.

Thanks a ton Kevin. It was really exciting to see so many great cards in this trade package. Rest assured I got big plans for our next trade. I'm not really sure what direction I'm going in for our box break...maybe PANINI????

Thanks for reading.


  1. Great stuff! That Clemente is sharp

  2. I did go a little Marte crazy there...I'll make sure to find some Hannah Davis cards for you next time. Especially if she's in PANINI sets

  3. I'll contribute some paper doll clothing for Hannah. She's obviously in need of a wardrobe.