The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Kind of Went to a Card Show

At least vicariously through Doug from Sportscards From the Dollar Store.  Doug has the knack of finding something very unique for my collection in each trade. I feel like he has become an expert at identifying WVU players.  If Doug is ever on Jeopardy he will dominate a category about famous WV athletes. 

Doug has sent me so many great cards since we first started trading a few years back, but this might be my favorite bunch of them  all. 

I thought Kevin White's injury would allow me to snag a ton of his cards, but that hasn't been the case. Scouts loved White so I guess card collectors are still holding onto the rookie hype and the possibility of him turning into a game changer. Whatever the case this becomes by far the best White card in my collections. Thanks Doug.

Stedman signs his name like I do.  I have terrible penmanship.

Did you know Gerrit Cole likes hockey....

He had a good time at the Pens/Caps playoff game last night. That is Ryan Vogelsong right beside him.
This was my favorite card of the bunch. It has so much going for it.
- O-Pee-Chee
- Former WVU player
- Great hair game

If you google Zane Smith ugly you can see that he made several all time ugly MLB teams. That is quite an honor. 

So many WVU players have been in the CFL recently that I probably should open boxes of the product.
My first Kunitz auto!

Brandon Sutter never quite performed like Pens fans hoped. I guess having that last name puts unfair pressure on you. 
I'm excited to get Jung Ho back in the lineup. I hear it might be tomorrow!!!!

Hometown Heroes is always a nice purchase when buying boxes as it is an excellent value.

Thanks for the great cards Doug. That Ed Williams was such a great surprise. You did your homework!

Thanks for reading.


  1. I see Doug hit us both with a CFLER, nice bunch of cards

    1. WVU has had a pretty big contingent play in the CFL lately. Doug keeps up with that stuff and always hooks me up.

  2. Man... that Blue Bombers card is sweet!

    1. I loved it. Great addition to my WVU collection